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& got false lights for the sun

[01-04] Skins (UK)
[05-15] Les Misérables
[16-20] Disney (Snow White, Enchanted, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Frozen, Alice in Wonderland

[21-25] Frozen, A Single Man, Avengers, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
[26-30] Elementary, Game of Thrones, House of Flying Daggers
[31-35] Merlin, Skins (UK)
[36-40] Sucker Punch, Teen Wolf, The Borgias

Reposted from around LJ & New stuff (from the past two days)

sucker punch icon 01 crouching tiger hidden dragon icon 01 house of flying daggers icon 01


[So, I'm not dead.]So, I'm not dead. I'm not exactly back 100% either, but this will be me making a legitimate effort to not drop off the face of the planet either. These last two months have been especially insane with exams I thought I'd flunk (miraculously not), internships, my mum getting sick and the possibility of cancer floating around for longer than necessary (she's absolutely fine now), my grandfather getting hospitalised (also on the road to recovery), going on the last date I'm ever going to have (and it sucking), and my reaching the final year of law school and still not having a job offer. Worse yet, my laptop crashed, taking with it at least eight years' worth of research, fic, manuscripts, graphics, movies and tv show, and a hundred other things that are literally irreplaceable. I'm not over the crapshoot, but it's getting better. My family's doing good, I have my health, my IQ, and I'm going to stop pulling an Ally McBeal.

Among the many things I'm slowly easing back into, making graphics is one of those. This post is as massively disorganised as it gets because it's so erratically multifandom. Some are from this Les Misérables icon battle and this Skins battle at theiconquest (I will re-order ASAP) and the first five animated ones were all made for various disney_hush challenges. The rest is me messing around in Photoshop and trying new things for the past two days (no, I swear I have a life that doesn't involve going to the office and back.)

Changes to my LJ will ensue, including omfg a new header and banner because the current ones are T_T But soon. Right now, I just want to watch Friends endlessly.

skins icon 06 skins icon 05 skins icon 07 skins icon 04,les miserables icon 13 01-05
les miserables icon 01 les miserables icon 02 alt les miserables icon 03 les miserables icon 04 les miserables icon 05 06-10
les miserables icon 06 les miserables icon 09 les miserables icon 10 les miserables icon 11 les miserables icon 12 11-15
disney icon 01 disney icon 02 disney icon 03 frozen icon 02 8vvEZRF 16-20

frozen icon 01 a single man icon 01 a single man icon 02 avengers icon 01 crouching tiger hidden dragon icon 01 21-25
elementary icon 01 game of thrones icon 01 game of thrones icon 02 game of thrones icon 03 house of flying daggers icon 01 26-30
merlin icon 01 merlin icon 02 skins icon 01 skins icon 02 skins icon 03 31-35
sucker punch icon 01 teen wolf icon 01 teen wolf icon 02 teen wolf icon 03 the borgias icon 01 36-40

Tags: animated: disney, graphics, icon, movie: a single man, movie: house of flying daggers, movie: les miserables, movie: sucker punch, movie: the avengers, tv: elementary, tv: game of thrones, tv: merlin, tv: skins (uk), tv: teen wolf, tv: the borgias, verse: disney, verse: marvel
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YOU ARE ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ I have missed you SO MUCH! It's so wonderful to see you here again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

I'm so very sorry about all the things that you were/have been/are going through :/ You clearly have to deal with lots of serious stuff right now *hugs* But brighter days are on their way, don't worry! There has to be some balance & you deserve a break after all that ♥ ♥ ♥

The icons are GORGEOUS, so nothing's changed as far as your status as one of the MOST AMAZING ICON MAKERS OF ALL TIMES is concerned!

LOTS OF ♥ & hugs
I'm alive and OMG HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, KATE OMGGGGG. How did it go? Was it a good one? Also, I signed up for lovebites20in20. The second I saw the sign-up post I knew why you recommended it, and yep, so excited for it.
Aww Thank you!!! ^^ My birthday was good. Nice & quiet this year ;)

YAY! I'm so happy that you signed up!!! :D I can't wait to see your icons!!! AND YOU'RE SO TOTALLY GOING TO WIN ALL THE AWARDS IT IS CERTAIN ♥ ♥ ♥
fell across your icons by total accident, and I just wanted to let you know how in love I am with them O__o These are absolutely stunning (your coloring and painting skills make me ache!) and I can't believe I've only just discovered your stuff. *scurries off to see if you've icon'ed any of her favorite fandoms*
Oh, wow. HI. I'm Kashmira, and I was drooling over icons at 20inspirations earlier, and you wrote this, and wow. Because right back at you (and I'm looking at you, Breaking Bad icon, and also that Sherlock&Joan Elementary one.) Very nice to meet you :)