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& by a freeway i confess i was lost in the pages

Tags: comm: 20in20, graphics, icon, tv: glee
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Ooooh, 'duet bonding' (great extraction and I love the coloring), 'expy' (crazy good blending!), and 'Mercedes' (perfect coloring here again; love how soft it is!) are all really pretty!
Eeep thank you ♥ ♥ ♥ colouring is like my fail point, so I'm really glad you thought those turned out okay

The cap of the Mercedes one is my favourite picture of hers, with how she quietly badass she was in the Cell Block Tango number.
I really like athletic and yum, as well as your last quinn alternate.
These are so pretty!! My faves are female, water, cate3, cate4, ac1, ac2 and ac3. Great job! Would you mind if I snagged a couple of them. I would credit you. :-)


March 24 2013, 03:12:51 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  March 24 2013, 03:13:10 UTC

The Mercedes icon looks fabulous! And athletic, duet bonding, and expy are my favourites
Duet Bonding is giving me feels, nbd.
also your icons are stunning beyond words. I can't even pick my favorites... it's like... Athletic is amazing. It's so vibrant <3 Yum is so clever! I love how whimsical Winter is... and that Mercedes icon is awe-inspiring.

*rolls around in your talented post*