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& you are bizarrely moral for a vampire

Until three months ago, I was still laughing at my Twilightophile friends. Three days ago, Ishaan was laughing at me because I now ship Jacob/Me.



Five reasons for a Twilight hater to read Twlight

5. hype

4. you realise that despite the angst, fangirling and whining, the remaining 75% is well-written and the humour makes you LOL!

3. you know that deep inside, you're just as selfish and greedy as Bella (minus the impossible esteem issues, duh!)

2. you fall in love with a side character

1.* one mental image: Taylor Lautner, shirtless.

*thank you, Somya and Fiona!


10-11 from a edwardxbella lims comm i cannot remember (sorry!)
12-17 from movie_stillness








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