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& with the word all my love came rushing out

[30] misc. tv and movies
[6] Once Upon a Time [3] Gossip Girl [3] The Vampire Diaries [2] Game of Thrones [2] Merlin
[5] Misc tv {Doctor Who, How I Met Your Mother, Nikita, Pretty Little Liars, Supernatural}
[4] Superhero movies {Avengers, Batman: The Dark Knight, X-Men: First Class}
[4] Misc movies {Breakfast at Tiffany's, Cruel Intentions, James Bond: Skyfall, Matrix}

for the epic grand finale challenge at trope_overdosed
spoilers abound underneath the cut


made in what seems like record speed and super-late, and god I wish I had procrastinated less each time this comm had a challenge (even for this one, so I could've made more.) Any place whatsover that celebrates the genius of TvTropes pwns my soul forever ♥



1. Action Girl - Nikita
2. Smoking is Cool - Breakfast at Tiffany's*
3. Sharp-dressed Man - Once Upon a Time
4. Heterosexual Life Partners - Gossip Girl
5. Awesome is Volatile - Avengers
6. Femme Fatale - Cruel Intentions
7. Gorgeous Period Dress - Once Upon a Time
8. Sliding Scale of Shiny Versus Gritty - Merlin
9. Camera Screw - The Vampire Diaries
10. Tastes Like Diabetes - Vampire Diaries
11. Gaussian Girl - Pretty Little Liars
12. Real Is Brown - Game Of Thrones
13. Plot-Sensitive Items - The Vampire Diaries
14. Yellow Lighting, Blue Lighting - Game of Thrones
15. Iris Out - Supernatural
16. You Can't Go Home Again - Once Upon a Time
17. Bittersweet Ending - X-Men (First Class)
18. All Just a Dream - Matrix
19. Action Survivor - The Vampire Diaries
20. Earn Your Happy Ending - Gossip Girl
21. Put On a Bus - Once Upon a Time
22. Back For the Finale  - Once Upon a Time
23. Your Princess Is In Another Castle - Batman (The Dark Knight)**
24. The Future Is Noir - Once Upon a Time
25. Rebuilt Set (strangled by the red thread) - Merlin
26. Paint It Black - Doctor Who
27. Pan Up to the Sky Ending - James Bond (Skyfall)
28. Riding Into the Sunset - How I Met Your Mother
29. Above the Ruins - Gossip Girl
30. Epilogue Text - X-Men (First Class)

*fantastic rare inversion in Holly Golightly stealth subversion in that she's a prostitute?

**traditionally, this trope applies to a surprise twist near the end, or else the plot has mostly been resolved, before the characters are hit with a cliffhanger *coughOUATSeasonOnefinalecough* but I thought that The Dark Knight also qualifies, not just for its ending, but also for the scene that the cap is from. It's mostly at the halfway point of the movie: the Joker is arrested, Gordon is alive, Gotham seems to be safe, Bruce is mourning Rachel, and Harvey is hospitalised. Several critics have pointed out just how easily the movie could have ended here, no harm done, enjoyable experience had, but Nolan goes one step forward and brings out the big guns of Two-Face and the Joker. Hello, Sir Knight, come to rescue the damsel? Sorry, wrong castle.

Tags: comm: tropes_overdosed, graphics, icon, movie: avengers, movie: batman series, movie: breakfast at tiffany's, movie: cruel intentions, movie: james bond series, movie: matrix trilogy, movie: x-men, tv: doctor who, tv: game of thrones, tv: gossip girl, tv: how i met your mother, tv: merlin, tv: nikita, tv: pretty little liars, tv: vampire diaries, verse: dc, verse: james bond, verse: marvel
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