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For the Rory Flanagan challenge at tvholics to create an OC for an existing show.

A genderqueer mutant who causes havoc each time he swears, and a femme fatale who reminds you a little too much of the Joker. And… wasn't that high school principal once a gay angel?

Tasia Valenza | Batman: the Animated Series
Nicholas Hoult and Hannah Murray | X-Men: Evolution
Misha Collins | Glee {+1}

Beware: massive and horrible spoilers for every single thing referenced under the cut.

voiced by
Tasia Valenza.

credit (disclaimer)
-The incredibly gorgeous artwork is obviously not mine, but Dan Brereton in Thrillkiller. Seriously, the whole comic is just that lavishly rendered. It sets off Howard Chaykin's storytelling skills superbly. -Bianca is a character from an Elseworlds book, which is basically a series of AU one-shots telling stories about the standard DC Comics characters.

The New Batman Adventures (Batman: the Animated Series)
The White Queen

Behind every successful ex-con, there is a more ruthless woman who's stayed out of Blackgate Prison herself. When Oswald Cobblepot falls off the going-legit wagon, taking up the Penguin's umbrella once again, his Iceberg Lounge, the classiest establishment in Gotham is in danger of falling apart. However, the manager of the Lounge steps up and takes centre-stage to save it from ruin. Bianca Steeplechase, have you been introduced?

Elegant, refined, bilingual, Bianca is equal parts charming and an excellent businesswoman. Not only does she have most of Gotham's finest on the take, she also doubles her profits by using the Iceberg Lounge to launder money. What money, you ask? Why, the money she makes as a gun-runner for the super-villains of the city, of course.

However, when the Dark Knight botches up one of her weapons deals by crashing in uninvited, a heavily disguised Bianca manages to escape only by swiping Batman across the face. Her fingernails are lacquered with a deadly toxin, and Batman immediately suspects Poison Ivy. He soon realises that he's dealing with someone as cunning and sultry as Poison Ivy, but without the morals or ideals, motivated by nothing but blood and avarice.
"You know the only difference between us? You do this for the glory, while I do this for the love."

This is Tasia.
Hear Tasia speak

-This 'episode' is set after Girls Night Out, where the combined effects of Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Livewire (from Superman: the Animated Series) trash Penguin's Iceberg Lounge. He gets his own back by enlisting Batgirl and Supergirl, but knowing the Penguin, it's likely that he exacted his own revenge himself. Maybe in the process, that's how he fell off the legit wagon?

-In Thrillkiller, Bianca is depicted as a lounge singer in the Penguin Club.

-She poisons Robin when she scratches his face, and later, kills him with a kiss. The latter is especially suggestive of Poison Ivy.

-Bianca is obviously the Joker in the Thrillkiller canon, as opposed to being his female counterpart. The story otherwise has a 'Hayley' who becomes Harley Quinn, and receives a commitment ring from Bianca (a more pleasant version of the Joker and Harley's romance.) Other notable subversions of known villains include an Edward Nygma (Riddler) who is a psychiatrist and a disfigured Harvey Dent (Two-Face) as a corrupt cop. -In my context, Bianca is neither a female Joker nor his counterpart. Her identity is entirely separate from him. Her motivation, as indicated in Thrillkiller, is nothing like the Joker's.

-Tasia Valenza is Poison Ivy in the Arkham Asylum and Arkham City games.

-Tasia has the ultimate femme fatale voice: low, sultry, and certainly certainly. Other candidates were Gina Gerson, Kelly Huston, and Eliza Dushku (all notably good voices behind Catwoman in the DCAU.)

-Why Bianca? One word: Thrillkiller. It's very close to my heart because it's the first Elseworlds comic I ever read: it was in the middle of my supervillain-loving kick, so I wasn't prepared to love a story that focused on Batgirl and Robin so much. I think I was am still recovering from the Batman and Robin movie. This marks the time I fell in love with Barbara per se, for her own merits, and the romance subplot never fails to tug at my heartstrings. I do think a lot of my new-found Barbara love has to do with Brereton's art, because the animated series' portrayal of her is still the best imo.

voiced by
Nicholas Hoult and Hannah Murray.

X-Men: Evolution

Growing pains are tough on everyone, but nineteen-year-old Wesley thinks he's really hit the freak jackpot this time. He's fresh off the boat from England and his accent couldn't make it harder for him to fit in. He's always been unhappy with the man in the mirror, wishing he could see someone else instead. He's told he has gender-identity disorder, which he hears is psychobabble bogus to deal with criticism of gender roles. But America somehow turns out to be even more conservative than London, so he's not sure how to talk to anyone about his feelings of gender dysphoria. Hell, it's not like he even has a friend to confide in, in the first place.

And the girl in the mirror, Antonia? He's born with the X-gene, but she happens to manifest it. What if his old shrink was right, that resolving his dysphoria will make him a mutant, and by ignoring Antonia, he has a hope of relatively regular life? Nick Fury thinks, in Winston, he's found someone as fractured and destructive as the Scarlet Witch, whereas Charles Xavier is reminded of so many directionless adolescents he's had the privilege to guide. Wesley thinks of himself as neither: he just wants to find a way to fit in, because being homogeneous probably beats being miserable and confused every minute of his life. Being able to start fires every time he says "Fuck it" has never been more problematic…
"You're only interested in me because of some accident of birth. But I'm not your charity case. I'm not your problem. Fuck you, I'm not a problem. Oh, shit."

"It's quite all right, Mr. Winston, the fire extinguisher is right over there."

-The series ended in Season Four, but began to focus really on the New Mutants (i.e. not the most popularised line-up that most people know) in Season Three. It makes sense for Wesley to be a new mutant, or else risk upsetting the gigantic apple cart of X-Men continuity (even if we limit it to just animated canon.)

-It mentions a hypothetical Season Five because the series finale shows the Brotherhood (including the Scarlet Witch) going to work for SHIELD under Nick Fury. My idea retcons Wesley into Season Three, and therefore places him in the "future lives of the characters" as seen in the series finale.

-Nicholas Hoult is Hank McCoy (the Beast) in X-Men: First Class.

-Wesley is specifically a New Mutant because the original line-up of these characters (in the comic books) is Karma, reasonably notable for many reasons, including the fact that she's lesbian. Of course, she never appears in X-Men: Evolution, which I thought was a conservative shame. (In contrast, Batman: the Animated Series creator and writer Paul Dini confirmed that Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn were in a relationship, even though they haven't been labelled as such anywhere. The evidence is pretty explicit, though: in the cartoon itself, the whole time Harley's living in Pam's house, neither woman is wearing pants, and Harley is wearing what looks like an oversized man's shirt, a huge throwback to typical post-coital scenes where the girl is walking around in her boyfriend's clothes.)

-He's relevant to Evolution, not the Fox animated series because the former is a better portrayal of issues that normal teenagers face, issues that don't stem from being a mutant or someone else trying to steal their girlfriend (or mind-steal their boyfriend.)

-Why Nicholas Hoult and Hannah Murray? They've shown off their exceptional acting chops in depicting confused, neglected, emotionally destroyed teenagers; notably Nicholas has done so many times over.

-You pwn my heart if catch all three (rather obvious) Skins references.

Misha Collins.

This is not for points because I'm basically repeating a character I wrote for the spin-off challenge at gleeverse. Leviathan will always be right next to my heart because he's my answer to every author's darling OC ever created, heroic or antagonistic even. He's got Sue Sylvester's priorities tempered with Shannon's sympathy (because love makes you want to be a better man) and I wrote him before Cooter Menkin arrived because I wanted Shannon to have a love interest worthy of her, but now that I've seen all of Cooter, I still want Shannon to meet my guy.

Also, his character description is just one big game of spot the references ;P


Call me Lev, please.

Ohio's Board of Education has finally come to its senses, ever since the terror that was Sue Sylvester. When Figgins retired to start a full-time pepper farm, they replaced him with a man known for getting results. So meet the new boss. He's mean, he's cranky, and he's got an awful sense of humour. He's also putting the focus on improving academic scores, and strengthening sports (because Shannon may not want him yet, but nothing says "I love you" like a restraining order.) What must go? The glee club. When not investing his energies in making things as difficult as possible for singing misfits to sing, Principal Leviathan also enjoys Wagner, Cabernet, and spending the evening giving Shannon a mani-pedi, if she'll let him.

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